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Five Reasons You Should Invest In An Antique Rug

 There are certain things we can invest our hard-earned money in that are timeless, classic pieces. Antique rugs are one of those one-of-a-kind creations that are collected by those who appreciate superior craftsmanship and quality.

Like paintings and sculptures, rug making is a fine art form that dates back centuries. From Persian to Oriental, antique rug collectors appreciate the history, the unique intricacies, and stylistic notes associated with the different time periods they are from. If you’re wondering if investing in an antique rug is a good choice, we’ve got five reasons why the answer should be yes.

#1 They Compliment Most Decor
No matter your personal design style, antique rugs in Atlanta accent almost any decor. You can choose from a variety of time periods, colors, and designs to find the perfect rug for your space.

#2 Each Has Its Own History
With the oldest known rug dating back to the 4th century, you can find rugs from almost every time period and civilization. Antique rugs are one-of-a-kind, individual, and handmade creations that have stood the test of time.

#3 They’re Timeless
Many elements of design change and vary throughout the years; however, antique rugs never go out of style. They’re absolutely timeless in their unique beauty.

#4 They’ll Last A Lifetime
When treated well and maintained, they will last lifetimes, allowing them to become treasured family heirlooms passed down through generations.

#5 They’re Environmentally Friendly
Handmade from mostly natural fibers, antique rugs are also the most environmentally-friendly choice you can make when choosing a new floor covering.

Antique Rugs for Your Guest Bedroom

Antique rugs can transform the way any room looks. Even in spaces with already beautiful floors, antique or oriental rugs are often heirloom pieces that last and that you will want to keep in the family. They go a long way with other decor and home accessories of different colors, sizes, and patterns, and the fact that they never go out of style is another huge plus. So, it certainly pays to invest in antique rugs in Atlanta, as decorating accessories for your home.

When it comes to decorating your guest bedroom with an antique rug, you can transform a small space into the ultimate cozy and chic corner of your home. Here are a few time-tested tips you can follow.

Perfect Balance
Your antique rugs should infuse a sense of serenity, match your décor, and create visual relief. The secret is in choosing colors and patterns that resonate with each other. To achieve this, try to avoid large, animated patterns for bedroom rugs and consider adding a solid rug to a room with bold wallpaper.

Perfect Dimensions
Get your room’s dimensions, and keep in mind that the antique rug you pick should look “gracious” in the space, and not overly large. This is essential to ensuring antique rugs blend with your decor. Try to choose something that is 2 to 3 feet smaller than your room’s dimensions to create an illusion of space and balance. Next, plan how to lay out your rug. Consider key elements like floor vents, door frames, and electrical outlets, as there are risks associated with placing rugs over these fixtures.

How to Shop for Antique Rugs

Few décor options lend the same level of visual interest to a room as antique rugs in Atlanta. These stunning creations feature hand-woven quality and unique style that instantly stand out in any space. They can complete a classically-decorated area or temper more modern interior designs with a little extra character, and each one comes with a story. Your part in it is just the latest chapter.

Of course, your ability to find the right rug depends significantly on how much you know about the industry. Since these pieces aren’t exactly available at the local big-box retailer, it’s vital to approach galleries with enough knowledge to make sure you’re getting a good deal. Here are some of our top tips for both first-time and veteran antique rug shoppers:

Know Your Seller – A reputable gallery should have a good reputation. Trust experienced professionals who have the industry connections and in-depth knowledge to find great pieces and price them fairly.

Understand Your Space – The most stunning rug in the world might not look right in your room if any of your key design features clash. Remember to shop for your own taste, not just what’s popular or eye-catching at the gallery.

Plan for Your Future – No matter how well you care for your antique, there’s always a possibility of future damage. Many of the best sellers in today’s market also offer repairs and restoration, which is a great sign for any buyer.

Extending The Life Of Your Oriental Rug

Elegant Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs are generally sturdy, very durable, and stay looking as good as new for a very long time. High-quality antique rugs in Atlanta have been known to withstand foot traffic for decades. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t need proper care. Instead, an Oriental rug that is not well maintained will begin to look worn and lose its original luster and beauty. Protect your investment with a little extra attention and care to extend the life of your rug.

Fading color is one of the most common rug problems you’ll encounter in your Oriental rug. While a little fading is expected over time, leaving your Oriental rug exposed to the sun will cause it to fade prematurely. Instead, try to keep it out of harsh, direct sunlight, if possible.

Stains and soils are another common rug problem. Spilled liquids, dropped foods, and mud tracked in on dirty shoes can all stain your rug. While accidents and dirt are inevitable, you can prevent permanent staining by cleaning up dirt and spills as soon as possible. Do not add house hold cleaning spray for the chemicals can agitate the dyes and fibers causing further damage.  For the best results, your stained handwoven rug should be taken as soon as possible to a professional for treatment.  If you need expert and fairly priced  rug cleaning in Atlanta, GA we hope you consider us at Amiri Rug.

For homes with pets, pulled loops can be another common problem. Oriental rugs are perfect for sharpening claws, leaving rug loops pulled out as a result. If you can’t keep your pets away from your hand woven rug, you’ll want to trim the loops to even the surface.  Lightly shearing a hand woven rug  can be a difficult, tedious task so you may want to seek out a professional with experience and expertise with hand woven rugs.  For questions regarding the care of Oriental and antique rugs, contact Amiri Rug Gallery. We have a long history in rug cleaning and rug repair in Atlanta, GA and can help you with solutions for maintaining the beauty and long life of your hand woven rug.