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Antique Heriz or Serapi from Northwestern Part of Iran or Persia. 9'4"x13'2"

Add Beauty and Character to Your Space with an Antique Persian Rug

Any room in any home is raised to the level of gallery-like elegance and style with the addition of a handcrafted antique Persian rug. These rugs are dramatically beautiful, and they tell stories which speak of the skill, dedication, and culture of the artisans who weave them into the works of art that they become.

Antique rugs in Atlanta, such as the many brilliant examples you can find with us at Amiri Rug Gallery, are dazzling in their beauty. In our inventory, you will see the finest works from cities and villages across Iran and other noted rug-making centers. These are character-laden products that are more than just a floor covering – they are functional artwork.

These rugs will match any décor theme you have in your home thanks to designs which range from bold geometric shapes and colors to gentle swirls enclosing deep, open space, and every pattern imaginable in between. We travel the world to choose these rugs and bring them here to our customers.

Buying a new rug is a decision which should be made based on a combination of desire and knowledge, so you get the one which properly serves and highlights the space where it’s placed. We suggest you take the time to learn about these rugs and browse through the sizes, shapes, and styles available. It’s time you won’t regret.

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Welcome to Our Blog

At Amiri Rug Gallery, we provide outstanding service to all our customers. Keeping that in mind, we’ve decided to create this blog for anyone interested in the skill and artistry that come together in the form of Persian rugs in Atlanta. The tale of how these authentic examples are crafted is fascinating, and it deserves to be shared.

We want to illustrate the joy which comes from owning a beautiful Persian rug, but that’s not all we aim to do. Our posts will take you on a journey through the wonderful world of these rugs, as well as other types of rugs that we sell and service. We’ll talk about many topics, such as tips for caring for your rug, restoring it, appraisals, and trading your current rug for a new one.

We’re a family-owned company, with father and son working closely to scour the Persian rug heartland to bring the finest examples to our customers. In our blog, you will learn about rugs, and tapestries, from Iran, India, Pakistan, Morocco, and Turkey. We strive for nothing less than excellent quality, and we aim to keep this blog at that level as well. Welcome, we look forward to sharing the beautiful world of Persian rugs with you.