Superior Rug Cleaning in Atlanta, GA

Even the most careful owner is likely to need rug cleaning in Atlanta, GA, eventually. A busy life full of unpredictable accidents and circumstances is bound to include a few spills, runs, or dirty footprints. If you have children, then it is guaranteed that anything that can be stained will be stained. That’s why the specialists at Amiri Rug Gallery offer top-notch repairs, restorations, and cleanings. From simple décor to distinctive collector’s pieces, our trained specialists have the skills to deliver results that keep your favorite floor covering features looking their best.

When you need rug cleaning in Atlanta, GA, reach out to us. We make the whole process as easy and stress-free as possible. Once you bring your rug to our business, a member of our staff will take the time to speak to you about any stains or damage. We understand that older antique rugs can be delicate and harder to clean and restore, so we always take the time necessary to explain the services we provide to ensure that you have peace of mind leaving your valuable rug with us.

All you have to do is give us a call any time it needs some in-depth attention that takes every detail into account. We can take care of a wide range of issues, including fraying, loose fibers, dirt, dust, holes, stain removal (pet urine, wine, etc.), odor removal, and much more.

Don’t wait until things get out of hand before you reach out. The best results come from visiting us for rug cleaning in Atlanta, GA, as early and often as possible. We recommend every three years for the average use and traffic rug for the upkeeping of your rug. It keeps it looking clean and enjoying while also keeping away harmful pests such as moths. With pets or children, we recommend once a year if possible. Also, for those with sensitive allergies, we recommend once a year, specifically after the season of sensitivity. Take care of animal accidents and stains as soon as possible. Be proactive and call us before adding any household cleaners to your rug that could, in fact, damage the fibers of your rug. If you’re unsure about the best care methods for your unique rug, we even offer recommendations that let you take advantage of our extensive knowledge.

Are you interested in speaking to a member of our team about your rug before bringing it into our shop? You can give us a call at (404) 231-0830 to ask any questions you may have. At our family-owned and operated gallery, we are dedicated to providing our client base with the best services possible at a price that you can afford. Our team is confident that you will be pleased with the cleaning services we provide. Don’t forget to ask if you qualify for free pick up and delivery!

Contact our gallery to learn more about our impressive selection of new rugs. We proudly serve industry professionals and retailers in Atlanta, Georgia, and throughout the Southeastern U.S.