Repairing Rugs for Home Redecoration Projects

A rug can anchor a room, add warmth, and help layer a room’s decor.  You might even say a rug completes a room by tying all the different design pieces together visually.  Rugs don’t have to be an expensive design element.  Look into rug repair in Atlanta, GA, for a cost-effective way to restore older rugs and re-use them as design hallmarks for your rooms.

There are several ways to decorate with a repaired rug:

Use Rugs to Define Areas – Use a rug to separate or define areas, such as seating or dining areas and foyers. This is an especially useful trick in studio apartments or larger rooms that need definition.

Create Variety – If you find an expert in rug repair and use multiple repaired rugs in a room, be conscious that same-sized rugs can often visually cut the room in two. Try to use different sized rugs to create a sense of variety.

Create Harmony – When using multiple rugs, it works better when the rugs complement each other in style. Too many competing patterns in a room will do away with any sense of harmony.

Ideas for a Color Scheme – Use a favorite rug after rug repair as the foundation of the color scheme in a room. Or, if you add it after the furniture is in place, you can use the rug to accent or tie in your existing colors.

Dress Up a Wall – Use a rug as a wall hanging for another way to display a rug, or to create a focal point.