The Origins Of The Persian Rug

Kazak |

The history of persian rugs dates back more than 2,500 years ago. The culmination of artistic magnificence of Iranians, they were the pioneer carpet weavers who achieved perfection through centuries of ingenuity and creativity. The skill of carpet weaving was handed down from generation to generation, who built upon their ancestor’s skills and then turned it over to the next generation to carry on.

More than just floor coverings to protect the feet of the nomadic tribesman, the beauty and intricacies of these ornate works of art soon became a symbol of wealth, prestige, and distinction, for kings and noblemen sought them for their palaces and homes.

Today, carpet-weaving is by far the most widespread handcraft in Iran. Persian carpets are renowned for their richness of color, variety of spectacular artistic patterns, and quality of design, and are found in palaces, mansions, museums, and homes just like yours the world over. A persian rug is amongst the most treasured possession, a symbol of beauty and elegance.

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