How To Clean and Care For Oriental Rugs


oriental rugs AtlantaIf you own an oriental rug, you know the unique appeal and elegance that these handcrafted works of art add to your home, but with owning one comes the responsibility of taking proper care of it. Oriental rugs in Atlanta require a high standard of maintenance to ensure they are well-kept and preserved.

Whether you’ve recently purchased your first oriental rug, or you’ve been a longtime owner the tips listed below will help you to maintain the beautiful look of your rug and to ensure it doesn’t become worn or damaged.

  • Vacuuming – Vacuuming regularly is key to maintaining your rug.Once  a week to once every couple weeks depending on how much foot traffic. If Possible, avoid using high powered vacuum with a heavy beater. Remember, with regular vacuuming, we are removing surface dirt and dust.  Avoid vacuuming near the frindges for this can really damage your rug if sucked up into the beater. If this accident occurs, Conact Us (Please Hyperlink page) to take care the rug and get the fridges repaired before it becomes worse and damages the rug.
  • Rotate – To prevent uneven wear and tear of your rug, it is wise to rotate it every 6 to 12 months.
  • Spills – Accidents do happen. Be quick. Grab towel and blot. Never rub in the fibers of the rug for this can disturb the fibers and pile of your rug. Blot until majority of spill is gone. Next grab spoon, put pressure, drag the spoon along the pile to pick up remainder of spill. Dump spill in towel and repeat. Remember, with the pile, not against.  If stain occurs, do not add house hold products and take this manner in your own hands. Rugs fibers are delicate and certain chemicals can be harmful to your rug. Do not Panic, Contact Us as soon as possible about taking care of your accident.  It is important to take care of spills because if cotton foundation does not dry in timely manner, dry rot can occur.
  • Air Dry – To prevent moisture buildup, which can lead to mold and mildew growth, and to reduce the presence of odor, lay your rug outside for a few hours once a year if possible, or every time your rug comes in contact with moisture if possible. Be aware, more than one day outside, color change and fading may be possible.  Putting rug outside in also reduces chances of pests such as Moth.
  • Storage– Make sure to get your rugs professionally cleaned before putting them away in storage. If your rug is dirty and left in a dry environment for long periods of time, perfect habit for moth and the reproduction cycle.
  • Pests– Rapid cycles of reproduction, Moth can be nightmare. If you seen any sign of moth or moth damage in your rug, Contact Us immediately to resolve this issue. The contaminated rug must be Professionally Cleaned and treated to prevent spreading to your other rugs and even clothing.
  • Animal Urine– Do not add house hold chemicals for this can harm fibers of your rug. It is important to take care of animal urine staining on your rug as soon as possible. The sooner , the better the results usually. However, it is never too late to Contact Us about Professional Rug Cleaning and animal urine stain removal(Hyperlink to Services Page).
  • Wear and Tear– Naturally, over many years, rugs become worn in areas of heavy traffic. It is import to repair any signs of wear and tear

Over time, should you find your oriental rug needs repair, Amiri Rug Gallery employs a professional team of experts who are exceptional at restoring damaged rugs to their original splendor. Contact us at (404) 231-0830 with questions or concerns about the maintenance care or repair of your oriental rug.