Why Choosing Atlanta Rug Cleaning and Restoration Services Make Sense

Persian rugs are beautiful, and there can be no doubt or discussion about that fact. If you are lucky enough to have one in your home, you will be sure to agree. They are works of art, but they should not be relegated to a hidden corner for display only. These lovely items deserve to be used for the purpose for which they were created, and that means floor coverings to provide a brilliant and colorful accent to your home.

You will also agree that just like any other rug that endures foot traffic, they can pick up dirt and begin to show signs of wear. That’s when you need Atlanta rug cleaning and restoration from our highly experienced and trained professionals at Amiri Rug Gallery.

Attempting rug cleaning and restoration yourself is not a good idea. Some people try it as a way to save a few dollars, but in the end, all it does is put their rugs at risk. This is particularly true in the case of antique rugs that are delicate due to their age and fragility.

Not using the right equipment, cleaners, or techniques can lead to disastrous results for your rug. If you’re lucky, all you will end up with is one that looks about the same as when you started. In the worst case, you might be looking at an example that is frayed, ragged, and discolored.

Our fully qualified specialists are prepared to clean and restore any rug that you bring to us. We are capable of handling all the problems that can befall yours, including loose fibers, dirt, dust, holes, stains, and odors.

Rather than waiting until yours is showing signs of significant wear and damage, we encourage you to take it to our location for Atlanta rug cleaning and restoration services. We recommend a thorough cleaning every three years for the average one. If you have allergies, pets, or children, we recommend annual rug cleaning.

The main points we would like to stress are that being proactive and avoiding the use of household cleaners on your rug will guarantee it provides long-lasting beauty.