Receive Help with Holes When You Request a Rug Repair in Atlanta, GA

It’s best to opt for professional rug repair in Atlanta, GA, when dealing with a treasured antique or family heirloom. If the knots have become unraveled or the fabric has become stained, it requires careful handling by experts to restore the former glory. This is why we recommend service only from experienced professionals, most often found at shops that sell high-end rugs.

Making repairs on hand-woven rugs that are consistent with the original piece requires skillfully duplicating the same technique and weave as well as closely matching the color. This results in uniformity and sturdiness that work to make that repaired rug last for years to come.

Cleaning & Patching

When a professional does rug repair, usually the first task to perform is to clean the rug. This way, they can see the damage clearly, as well as the true colors and patterns to correctly match materials with. With this firmly in mind, repairs, such as weaving and re-weaving, patching, and cutting can be made.

Our advice to you is to take your heirloom in for rug repair in Atlanta, GA, as soon as you notice any damage. It’s far easier to conceal damage done to a hole the size of a quarter than it is for one that is as big as a plate. In the latter, pieces might have to be cut from the rug you have, reducing its size, or patches made from a similar rug, which may differ in age and color.

Damaged Rug Fringe

damage to the Fringe & Ends

It’s common to see wear and tear on rugs at the fringes or the ends. These are most vulnerable to foot traffic and vacuum cleaners. Depending on the extent of damage, the fringes may be dealt with one by one by hand stitching a reinforced knot around a few strands of the fridge/foundation, or the entire edge can be re-fringed, giving it a fresh, new look. If you don’t like the fridge, it can usually be removed and a hand bound edging would be woven to give your rug a complete, universal look without the fringe.

As far as the ends go, holes and tears can be mended or rewoven when you come to us for a rug repair in Atlanta, GA. For a small, individual hole, we would mend it, but for a larger one, it is better to reweave so that the integrity of the rug is preserved. Professionally cleaning the rug is also an excellent way to restore its vibrancy.