Purchasing a Vintage Rug for Your New Home from Our Rug Store in Atlanta, GA

You love the beauty and history that come with antiques. Not only does this apply to furniture, but it also includes rugs. Before you start shopping, we recommend you do some research into the styles, colors, and patterns that interest you. Knowing your appropriate rug sizes is very crucial. Flexibility with minimums and maximums on your width and length will always give you more options when you come to our rug store in Atlanta, GA.

While shopping, you should ask questions regarding age, materials, and patterns. A reputable rug store in Atlanta, GA, will be happy to provide you with information regarding the history of the rugs you are interested in and the dyes used to make it.

Knowledge & Expertise Essential

Knowledge is what safeguards you when making a purchase. This helps you to know the relative value of the piece. FYI, a vintage rug is in the age range of 50 to 70 years, a semi-antique rug is between 70 – 100 years and a rug must be greater than 100 years old to be considered an antique.

When shopping for hand-woven rugs, be sure to take a careful look at the knots in order to determine whether it is a genuinely handwoven or hand made rug rather than a machine-made rug. You should be looking for a consistent, but slightly imperfect weave; only machines are perfect!

Hand Woven


Machine Made

Machine Made

It also helps to talk with someone who has made a living buying and selling quality, hand-crafted rugs. Amiri Rug Gallery, located in the Shops of Miami Circle, can provide you with expert advice and often has vintage, semi-antique and antique rugs for sale in their rug store in Atlanta, GA. It’s also possible this expert can keep an eye out for the type of rug you want.

Are You Looking for Wool or Silk?

The choice of fabric is crucial in a rug. For a busy household, you may choose one made of wool that can withstand more wear and tear. Silk is the most prized material, but this rug needs to be hung on the wall or lie in an area with less traffic and stress on the fabric.

The material also determines how to handle cleaning the rug, but generally vacuuming the front weekly, and sending it to a professional cleaner once a year helps your hand-woven rug retain its beauty. If you do find yourself needing rug repair in Atalanta, GA, be sure to visit Amiri Rug Gallery located in the Shops of Miami Circle and will be happy to restore your new, vintage, semi-antique, and even antique hand made rugs back to their former glory!