Why Persian Rugs in Atlanta Are So Beautiful

Art comes in all shapes and sizes, and its beauty is often revealed in subtle ways. This is not the case with Persian rugs in Atlanta at Amiri Rug Gallery.

As soon as you experience the compelling designs and brilliance of our antique and semi-antique rugs, the first words that come to mind are ones such as stellar, majestic, and dazzling. It’s not a question of if you will find these rugs attractive, but which ones do you find the most beautiful?

It’s easy to say that these rugs are lovely, but it’s a different task altogether to understand and elucidate why people consider them beautiful. You may as well ask why some people love one type of music over another, or why one person favors one painter’s works over another’s. It is challenging, but we will try.

We won’t delve here into the respect and admiration these representations of a proud and strong culture call forth. We’re just going to look at the appreciation of their appearance. In this article, we won’t address how they feel underfoot; we’ll just talk about their visual beauty.

The amazingly intricate designs and the way they flow from one to another is one of the most compelling reasons to favor Persian rugs. There are many shapes and sizes that perfectly complement each other as they also stand on their own at the same time. It boggles the mind to picture the talent and vision it must require on the part of the weaver to create such precise forms.

The designs are only one element of this discussion. The other major factor is color. Our Persian rugs in Atlanta are often created with rich, earthy tones that call to mind halls of the most elegant palaces and residences. These delicate shadings and bold colors will look great in your home as well.