Protecting Oriental Rugs From Pets

Puppy next to kittenYour pets are a beloved member of the family. No sooner could you choose between them or your spouse or kids. But what do you do when your furry child doesn’t obey and is ruining your favorite furniture or decor? You’ve had your eye on updating your space with an antique Oriental rug, but surely you can’t bring that into the house with your mischievous dog or cat, right? You’ll be happy to know the two can co-exist peacefully under the same roof. Before picking out area rugs in Atlanta, GA, consider these points when selecting the right one for your home.

Materials Matter

The best rug material for a pet-friendly home is wool. This is also true for family-friendly homes where the rug will be in heavy traffic areas. Wool won’t absorb spills or stains as easily as silk.

Patterns Instead of Plain

A patterned rug helps to hide the occasional spill, dirt from shoes and paws, or any accidents from your pet. A busy pattern isn’t necessary, as this may make it harder to spot accidents that need cleaning.

Go Low, Not High

Low-pile rugs work best with pets because they are easier to clean and sweep and help to keep odors away.

Short Fringed

Cats and puppies love to swat and chew on fringes, so it’s best to choose a low-pile, short fringed Oriental rug to avoid problems.